Domaine Degher Red Blend Vertical (3)

by wootbot


This Domaine Degher Red has been a medal winner three years in a row. I'm pretty sure he's blending.

Seriously. Did you see him in 2006? Muscular. Intense. Age worthy. You just don't get that way without blending. It's unnatural. If I had to guess, I'd say 51% Syrah, 49% Cabernet. Three years in the bottle. Bam. You've got a winner.

Why didn't anyone come forward before now? Probably because in 2007, he married Cabernet, Syrah and Grenache Noir. They had a deep and passionate embrace. And despite having classic backbone and being very fruit forward, you cannot be compelled to testify against a spouse. So it just kept going on.

And then in 2008, things got really intense. Yeah. We're talking chords of lush fruit and soft tannins. Totally out of control. It was a Bordeaux meets Rhone meets Cabernet meets Syrah blend unlike anyone had ever seen. No one was looking for it. That's how it was able to achieve such an elegant, sustained finish.

Say what you want about it, but despite the controversy, I still think it's the greatest wine of all time. I mean, just think about all the great things it's done for pork roast, steak, venison and duck. That's just not something you can dismiss so easily.