Domaine de César Rhone Red (5)

by wootbot

The Nîmes of the Crop

Nîmes is so much more than just a cool little arrow over the "î".

Maybe you've never heard of the city that gives the Costières de Nîmes appellation its name. Maybe you don't know that people have lived in the area of Nîmes since the Neolithic Age, or that it was a provincial capital under the Romans. Maybe you've never heard of its ancient menhir, a limestone monolith dating to 2500 BC, or the elliptical Roman amphitheater that stands in the center of town, the best-preserved one in France. Maybe you haven't been made aware of the superlative wines that spring from the pebbly soil and sea breezes of the Costières de Nîmes region, between the city of Nîmes and the Rhone River.

But now you know. And now you know about the Domaine de César 2011 red blend of Syrah and grenache, a medium-bodied, peppery, fruity treasure worthy of the region's ancient legacy. So now there's only one question left to answer about Nîmes: when are you going?