Diablita Red/Zinfandel (6)

by wootbot

The Ethical Drinker

If you're going to be carrying on with a two pack, just please remember not to call the Zinfandel by the Red Cole Ranch AVA's name.

Look, we've all been there. A glance across a crowded room and suddenly you're debating the merits of a screw-top wine for the first time in your life. And then, a week later, you're doing it again with an entirely different bottle. We're not saying it's right. We're just saying it happens. And it happens to all sorts of people, each and every day.

So when you buy this Diablita two pack of 3-Packs, don't start having crazy ideas like "Maybe I can drink both wines at once!" because that'll only end poorly for you. What you need to do is try a little of both early on, before anyone's too committed, and then make your final choice. Maybe you'll prefer the wine that pairs with pizza AND filet mignon. Maybe you'll rather the smooth and spicy zesty Zin. Hey, it takes all kinds, we're not going to get in the way of you chasing what you want.

But please, don't break any hearts by trying to keep one wine in your home while setting the other wine up in some downtown apartment. Just because it's a screw-cap doesn't mean it's trashy. Show a little respect, okay?