Deep Red Mendocino Mini-Vertical (2)

by wootbot

Super Senses

So you're experiencing explosions of color and flavor? It could be a rare neurological disorder, or it could just be really good wine.

"I don't mean to brag, but this Deep Red Mendocino Blend tastes way better to me than it ever will to you."

Oh, yeah? Why's that?

"Because I have synesthesia."

Get out! That's cool. So what's it like?

"Well, for instance, whereas you can probably only smell the ripe, round fruit aromas, I can actually TASTE them."

Um, no, I can taste them too.

"And you know how most people can't tell that this is a deep color of red fruit…"

Actually, I think that's pretty obvious for anyone who is not color blind… or just blind.

"Yeah, but you can't see it as CLEARLY as I can see it. I mean, this is a really deep red."

Uh huh.

"Oh, and you know how this one has layers of spice and earth, well, I can actually SMELL that spice."

Right. So, yeah… I don't think you actually know what synesthesia is. It's like when you can taste colors and see music.

"You mean like the pink elephant in the tutu that's playing the calliope over there in the corner?"

So, totally random question not related to this conversation whatsoever… have you had a psych consult recently? Cuz I know a guy.