David Girard Vineyards White Rhones (5)

by wootbot

Do you think you're better off a Rhone?

Say, good buy for the summer!

Music would have us believe that summer is a time to lounge in hammocks and fall in love.

The music is a lie.

In reality, summer is terrible. It’s hot. It’s bright. It’s sticky.

Sweat manifests in places you never imagined. Love is the last thing on your mind.

If there’s anything good to be said for summer, it’s the opportunity [excuse] to enjoy some terrific white wines. Take today’s offer: A lineup of five sexy White Rhones. Inspired by the South of France; perfected in El Dorado.

Stand in front of the fan, strip off the damp clothing, and immerse yourself in a cacophony of balanced acidity, crispness and complexity. It almost makes the sweat worthwhile.