Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries

by wootbot

Feature Presentation

JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT IT WAS SAFE to eat another piece of chocolate ... Wine.Woot Pictures Presents: DARK FRUIT. A Candy Basket Production.

IN A WORLD where chocolate covered cherries are a delicious classic. Where dime store knock-offs are a constant threat to true Cherry Cordials. Where genuine Queen Anne Oregon cherries have to contend with the likes of cheap cocktail fruits.

THE TIME HAS COME after a two-week soaking in a fragrant blend of Courvoisier and Hennessy cognacs. THE TIME IS NOW for these beautiful gems to be hand-dipped in the sweetest fondant and then covered in a custom blend of gourmet, bittersweet Guittard chocolate. THE TIME IS YOURS to hoard them for yourself or give them away as a gift. WHAT WILL YOU DO?

This summer, imposter confections are going down! DARK FRUIT. In 3D. And in your mouth.