Danube Remix Grüner Veltliner (5)

by wootbot

Re Re Re Remix

Drink a glass. Feel those funky beats.

Buy this wine: if you usually like the cover more than the original.

Don't drink this wine: if you're not 100% sure where the Danube is.

Left to its own devices, this wine: would layer nectarine, snap peas and white pepper over Miley Cyrus's vocals in "Wrecking Ball."

Some skeptics wonder: if Mother Nature was ticked off that her husband didn't take out the trash when she sent that freak five-day heat wave during the end of an abnormally cool growing season.

Legend has that when the moon is full, this wine transforms into: Richard Simmons

At a karaoke bar, this wine sings: "Take Another Little Piece of My Heart." The Dusty Springfield version.