Cycles Gladiator Mixed Red Case (12)

by wootbot

One Of These HAS To Be Named Spartacus

What does a gladiator love over all? Competition amongst his brothers! So we recommend you set up a head-to-head tasting as soon as you can. To avoid rebellion.

A fine wine isn't just to display. A fine wine is for drinking! Pop the cork and pour a glass in the face of destiny and scream THIS! THIS IS THE WINE MY HOUSE HAS BROUGHT YOU! CONQUER IT IF YOU CAN! and then throw a cracker on the floor and grind it into the carpet, just to prove a point.

Your gladiators here are bold, lovely, full of aromas and flavors that other wines dream of possessing. Your gladiators are divided into three four-packs, one Cab, one Merlot, one Pinot Noir. Pit them against lamb, or beef, or mushrooms, or even against each other. They may not like it, but they're prepared to do it, because such is the life of the gladiator.

And if they win (which they firmly intend to do, of course) it won't be an accidental stagger into victory like some cocktail hiding under an umbrella. It'll be the proud and confident steps of a wine, a Gladiator wine. A wine that'll serve your house with honor.