Cycles Gladiator Mixed Case Red (12)

by wootbot

Enter The Gladiators

Our personal opinion is that Hahn Estates missed a great chance to call every bottle of this wine "Spartacus" but maybe that's just us.

You young untrained recruits. Today, you face the most grueling tournament you will ever face. But if you survive, perhaps you will bear the mark... by which I mean the Cycles Gladiator label. Perhaps, if you are good enough, you can find a place among this twelve pack!

On the left, the 2010 Syrah. Dark fruit, espresso, dried herbs and spice. Paired with duck, this hero smashes all competition. And yet, beneath beats the heart of a poet. A poet who pairs with a pastoral pheasant.

On the right, the 2010 Merlot. A silky finish, aromas of plum, oak and caramel. Handles chicken as easily as lamb... or a burger from the grill! This wine's a jolly sort, but deadly serious when facing down the opposition.

And in the center, the 2011 Pinot Noir. A burst of cherries leads some to underestimate this wine, and it knows it. A master of stealth, this wine sneaks up unnoticed. And then, the slight cedar and vanilla grab you - do you even understand how? - and conquers you from within. By the time you go to look for it... it's gone! Only a memory remains, a memory that goes great with mushroom risotto.

If you survive this training, these three four packs will embrace you as a brother or sister. If you do not, you have earned yourself a great honor! For one of these wines will send you on your way!

To honor! To bravery! To the Gladiators!