Cruel, Cruel Summer.

by Laura Duncan

Remember childhood summers? Swimming. Sunburns. Scabs. That's all over now. The bliss of lemonade and endless days has been eclipsed by blinding heat and energy bills. If you're anything like me, one of the few things you have to look forward to now is that glass of expertly-curated wine from your favorite humorous retail website. And because we personally understand the sweet sanctity of a summer sip, we know how important it is to prevent the sky's big stupid nuclear ball from destroying your wine's molecular structure.

Commence Summer Shipping!

Your options are thus:

If that section seems familiar, it's because I lifted it from the last summer shipping blog post with the updated pricing. Many of you are seasoned vino veterans and you know how all this works.

There are mundane logistical details behind the pricing. Fridges on wheels. Consolidation. Hubs. Styrofoam. It's blindingly dull, maddeningly complex, and irritatingly important.

When all's said and done, your wine will spend no more than 2 days in the FedEx ground system. The majority of its journey will take place in a temperature-controlled environment, which is certainly more than could be said of summer road trips in the family van.

So slather on some sun goo, throw on those shades, and buy without trepidation. We can't recapture the unbridled joy of your youthful summers, but we'll try to make sure your wine doesn't turn into gravy. That's how gravy is made, right?