Cougar Crest Estate Syrah (3)

by wootbot

Here, kitty kitty kitty

Pairs wonderfully with not running away from cougars.

You know, a lot of people told us you can’t grow grapes in the Cougar Hills. Cougars will get to ‘em, they said. And you know what? They were right. We tried growing there for a whole season, but them mountain lions would come out and ravage the vines. Ravaged some of the field workers, too. So we said, fine, we’ll move the vineyard. No more Cougar Hills.

Well, it turned out Cougar Hollow wasn’t that much of an improvement. See, it had cougars in it, too. And they weren’t no hollow cougars, neither. They were the regular, bitey type. Seems like we had made another tactical error, so we went and pulled up roots again.

In retrospect, Cougar Pack Meadows wasn’t the smartest place to relocate. Makin’ wine near a cougar’s lot easier than makin’ it near a whole pack of ‘em. And seeing as it was in meadow, there wasn’t nowhere to hide. At least in Cougar Hollow we had the trees to duck behind.

It goes without saying that moving to Cougar Pit Breeding Grounds was a grave mistake.

Anyway, we’re happy to have returned to the Cougar Hills. It’s good to be back where we started, which by comparison feels downright cougar-free. We’re a bit short-staffed, but excited to be producing great wines, made with love, dedication, and mortal fear of cougars.