Cork Pops Electric Wine Thermometer

by Wootbot

What’s in a name?

Cork Pops: kinda like cake pops. Except totally different.

Look, we wouldn’t try some sort of backhanded marketing stunt where we pretended THESE THINGS ARE EXACTLY LIKE CAKE POPS. Because THEY ARE not. In fact, the products couldn’t be more unrelated. THESE CORK POPS electronic wine thermometers ARE devices made of “soft to the touch” santoprene rubber that allow you to drink your favorite wines at exactly the right temperature, whereas cake pops are DELICIOUS, TINY CAKES ON STICKS, LIKE DECADENT LOLLYPOPS. See how different those two are?

So please, BUY THIS IF you’re looking for a good wine thermometer with four simple settings for red, light red, white, or champagne and sparkling wine, not if YOU’RE LOOKING FOR A DELICIOUS SWEET TREAT.

Cork Pops Electric Wine Thermometer
  • Cork Pops electronic wine thermometer allows you to drink every glass of wine at the perfect temperature
  • Thermometer is made of "soft to the touch" santoprene rubber
  • Four simple pre-set settings to assure that your reds, rose wines, whites, and sparkling wines are served at the perfect temperature
  • If you want to use one of the recommended settings, select your choice and place the wine in the fridge or in the room as required
  • Red Light:  Wine is either too warm or too cold
  • Green Light:  Wine is within perfect temperature range
  • Thermometer is accurate and consistent
  • The LCD then displays the actual wine temperature at all times as well as the target temperature
  • Easy to use--just turn the unit on and place the probe inside the bottle
  • Requires (2) AAA batteries, not included
  • Please Note: This appliance complies with the U.S. Electrical Standard (120V, 60 Hz)

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