Coppo Italian Barolo (2)

by wootbot


Coppo the mornin' to ya!

We'll put it to you straight. A good wine is a wine that's SO good, you can't think of anything else.

 A good wine is a wine SO good that you would do ANYTHING to get another taste of it. A good wine is a wine that so distracts you that you can't make think of anything else but finding another glass of that wine.

Just please, don't get so into this Coppo Italian Barolo that you, ahem, forget to do your job.

It's all well and good to to enjoy the layered aromas of violets, black cherries, licorice, tea and tobacco. It's all well and good to say "Please let me have a second glass so I can enjoy that remarkable balance!" But when you're so busy drooling over the tasting notes that you miss an important deadline? Maaaaybe it's time to reconsider just how important your love of wine is.

In short, the next time you celebrate your birthday, drink responsibly. Trust us, if you just enjoy the lovely flavors in moderation, you'll never be embarrassed the day after.