Coordinates Dry Creek Cabernet Franc (3)

by wootbot

The Seduction

You pour. I splash. You swirl the glass. I swirl in turn. And so we dance.

Oh, hello. I didn't see you there. Because I am a glass of wine and I have no eyes. Ah, but you ask, how then do I speak, as I also have no tongue? Such are the mysteries of love, mon buveur.

Me? I am the Coordinates Dry Creek Cabernet Franc, humbly at your service. You may call me CDCCF. Or perhaps just Coordy. Much easier, no? With my aromas of violet, plum, dark berries and sweet mocha, some say I am a rich wine - and yet, and yet... my heart, it feels poor. Poor in the ways of companionship. All the tannins in the world cannot fill the void in the heart, waiting to hold that special one, no?

But I say too much. Please forgive the maunderings of a lovesick clown. I must bid you good evening now. Unless... unless, perhaps... that look in your eye... Drink me, you fool! Drink me truly! Madly! Deeply!