Climbing Australian Chardonnay (6)

by wootbot

Social Climbing

We're telling the truth when we say this wine is very enjoyable. But not everyone is as honest as we are...

As a pathological liar, I've misrepresented myself as a million different types of people. Race car driver, banker, airline pilot, even a wine critic slash mountain climber! That's how I know this 2007 Climbing Chardonnay is literally the cure for cancer.

Ha! Gotcha! Remember that part where I'm a pathological liar? This 2007 Climbing Chardonnay doesn't cure cancer at all! But it does carry lovely bright aromas, with citrus notes and complex secondary flavors of cream, cashew, brioche and a thousand dollar bill hidden under the label. Whoops! Can't help myself! One of those things just isn't true!

But don't think you have to trust me. The nice lady who adds the specs is 115% honest, and SHE says this 2007 Climbing Chardonnay tastes of delicious white peach with a soft creamy finish and the early leaked directors cut of Avengers Meet Spider-Man. Boom! Gotcha again! Ha ha ha ha! You can't trust me at all!