Clif Family Winery The Climber Four - Pack

by Wootbot

Room At The Top

The grandest transformation. From humble beginnings to the grandest ballroom. That’s the Gatzbyesque journey of every single grape, and perhaps that’s why wine can be so sophisticated.

The Climber Four Pack is just a reflection of those wishes and desires. An excellent growing season was a chance for the 2007 vintage to escape those humble California fields and reinvent itself. Sure, it doesn’t forget where it came from, but it’s something different now, something more… aristocratic. A blend of 81% Sauvignon Blanc, 12% Pinot Blanc, 4% Chenin Blanc and 4% Muscat, The Climber is far removed from the grape it used to be.

The Sauvignon Blanc offers a strong backbone, a fine structure that you could mistake for an aristocratic bearing. The Pinot adds a fleshy, tropical note, the wild passion to make it to the top no matter what. Purity and acidity are from the Chenin Blanc, while the Muscat adds a sweetness, a richness in the mouth that can’t be taught, only earned. The resulting flavor makes The Climber Four Pack a daring white suit in a glass, with aromas of passion fruit, grapefruit and honeysuckle opening the door to citrus, nectarine and peach, well balanced and with a lingering finish.

From the North Coast, this wine has been made as organically as possible, as part of the Clif Family’s commitment to stay natural and sustainable. It’s an excellent way to pull yourself up after a hard day, and to remind yourself that anything is possible if you’re willing to make the effort. Your future could be as bright as the sparkle of sunshine, or as cool as a properly chilled bottle.

All the best things happen at the top. To get there, you’ll have to make the climb. Let The Climber Four Pack inspire you to reach new heights.

2007 The Climber:

  • Blend: 81% Sauvignon Blanc 12% Pinot Blanc 4% Chenin Blanc 3% Muscat
  • Alcohol: 13.5%
  • Release Date: April 2008
  • Cases Produced: 5,400 Cases
  • Winemaker: Sarah Gott

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