Clif Climber Limited Release Red Blend (3)

by wootbot


Scramble the hills of superior flavor! (We're bad at metaphors.)

OK, dude, I admit I was pretty POed when I saw what you’d done with our canteens. Replacing all of our water with that 2010 Clif Climber Limited Release Red Blend? Total jerk move, I thought. Out on a hike, that water could make the difference between survival and, uh, un-survival or whatever. Believe me when I say, dude, that I was ready to throw you into a ravine for that little stunt.

But for some reason, I took a sip. And then another. And one more. By now I had calmed down. I could see – or, rather, taste – the beauty in what you’d done. This California red blend combines Merlot from Oak Knoll and Cab Sauv from Pope Valley, Howell Mountain, Rutherford and St. Helena. It opened with those aromas of fresh cranberry and hints of vanilla, and that palate revealed flavors of strawberry and pomegranate with underlying clove. By the time those subtle brown spices set in over the long finish, I was ready to forgive.

Then I noticed that it’s made by the same Clif people responsible for every climber’s favorite protein bars. At that point, dude, my hate turned to hugs.

Now, of course, wine and rock-climbing don’t mix. No problem, though: once we found what you’d put in our canteens, we never left base camp.