Clayhouse Estate Rhone White Blend (4)

by wootbot

Training Day

What one person can do, another person can do. But mastering honeysuckle? That doesn't just happen overnight.

Everyone's done it once in their lives. You're out for a drive, you stop in somewhere seedy, it's clear you don't belong... and then, all of a sudden, the jukebox stops and there's honeysuckle all up-front in your face. And if you're not prepared for that, you might not be able to walk away.

That's why it's crucial- crucial! -that you buy a four pack of 2011 Estate CuveƩ Blanc with which you can prepare yourself. Set up the first bottle and do a few drills. Marzipan from the left! Floral fruit from the right! Once you've got that, move to the second bottle. Mango surprise! Lychee from above! Hee-ya! Hee-ya! Punch, punch, kick! Now you've mastered the basics!

But don't get cocky yet. Because you've got to face off against that third bottle still. Can you handle the juicy sweetness? Really? Because that voluminous mouthfeel is gonna come hard, and it's not gonna stop until you're under the table. But if you master that, then and only then will you be ready to face bottle four... and the honeysuckle master.

And then, when you've finished the 2011 Estate Cuvee Blanc 4-Pack completely, you'll be powerful enough to take care of any wayward flavors that might come your way.