Chaucer’s Cellars Mead (6)

by wootbot

Mead Demon

I feel the need ... the need for MEAD! Now do that cool walking-past-each-other high five and we'll call it a day.

C'mon, when you're drinking with your buddy and you want to yell out things like SEE YOU IN VALHALLA and ON THE MORROW WE DINE IN STO'VO'KOR you do NOT want to be drinking PBR. And that, dear friends, is why the world invented mead.

Mead is so good it even took over the name of the time frame when it was popular. What, you never heard of Mead-evil times? Yeah, see, we're forcing you to rethink all SORTS of things now! But don't, because thinking isn't what mead it all about.

Mead says "I live in the now!" Mead says "I'm not scared!" Mead says "I sure know how to commit and I also enjoy honey and sometimes I might break the bookcase but I always apologize for it the next day and make sure I cover the damages in cash." Because mead isn't the drink of tyrants and fools. Mead is the drink of people who just like to have a good time.

Which is why we're offering two three packs. What, you don't think you can drink mead ALONE, do you? That's crazy! Go get some pals and raise your glasses to your friendship. And if you accidentally slay a dragon before the night's over ... hey, that's just part of the traditional mead experience, right?