Chance Creek Sauvignon Blanc (6)

by wootbot

Taking A Chance

It isn't just about choosing the right wine. It's also about choosing the right bottle.

"What's wrong? You've been staring at that wine for the last hour."

I don't know which one to bring.

"They're all the same."

But are they? Are they really the same?

"Yes. They really are the same. You bought six bottles of the same wine."

But really aren't they each individual bottles of wine? Each with their slight differences? Their own unique personality traits? Their own quirks and characteristics that make them each an individual?

"No. They're just six bottles of the same Chance Creek Sauvignon Blanc wine. All from 2010. All with the same aromas of passion fruit, apple butter and hay. All with the same crisp, tart light-to-medium body."

But within their mouthwatering, stone-accented finishes, can we not say that each is its own individual bottle with its own individual product?

"You know what? I'm just going to wait upstairs."