Celebrate Your “Woot Birthday” With A Wine.Woot Coupon Code

by Jason Toon

Everybody celebrates the day they were born, which strikes us as arbitrary. It’s not like you had a choice in the matter. Why not celebrate the day you chose to be reborn as a full-fledged wooter – your “Woot birthday”?

We’ll help. Wooters over 21 will henceforth be eligible for a coupon code worth $4.98 off shipping on your Woot winery-direct order. It can only be used once, and only during the month you originally signed up for your Woot account. Don’t know when that is? Look under your name at the left of your forum comments. See where it says “Joined”? That’s it, that date right there.

There’s a little more to say about it than we should go into here, so look for an email from us at the beginning of your Woot Birthday month (unless you’ve unchecked your newsletter notification box under the “your account” tab up there, in which case you won’t be hearing from us). All the relevant details will be there, we hope.

We know, $4.98 isn’t a whole lot. But we’ve got a lot of people to get gifts for, you know?

Coupon is available to all interested aged 21 years or older. If you have not signed up for woot.com and wish to have this coupon please email bdaycoupon@woot.com.