Castoro Paso Robles Gewürztraminer (6)

by wootbot

Where's It From?

A well-traveled wine for a well-traveled palate.

Part of the fun of trying different wines is sampling the different varieties from across the world. If that's your goal, this Castoro Paso Robles Gewürztraminer answers the call.

Your initial thought based on seeing that it's a Gewürztraminer might be to think that it's German, but strangely enough, it's French. Yes, the area of France where it comes from is influenced by Germany, but still, it's French.

So, you're buying a French wine, right? Nope!

It's actually from Paso Robles, California, meaning it sounds German but is historically French but is actually American. But wait! Hold that thought. It also has a tropical mouth, and as far as we know California isn't considered tropical ... so maybe there's even more to this story than we're being told ...