Casey Flat Ranch Estate Red Wine (3)

by wootbot

All About The Shape

Did you know that, way back when, people actually thought that bottles of this wine were flat?

Many, many years ago there was a common theory that Casey Flat Ranch Estate Wine was actually flat. People would say, "If you put wine in a Casey Flat Ranch Estate bottle, it'll just fall off the edge!"

Eventually, several philosophers and scientists came together and reasoned that a wine with aromas of plum, blackberry, and spice couldn't be flat. If it smelled like wine, it must be the same shape as all other wine.

To prove this theory, they sailed across the world and finally found themselves at the Casey Flat Ranch Estate. They were handed a bottle and confirmed that, yes, indeed these bottles were not flat. The voyagers raised a glass to their new findings and began celebrating.

We tell you this in case you were among that coalition of people who also thought that this wine would be flat. Fortunately, it is not! Those philosophers and scientists were right. So, if you're buying this wine, expect a bottle of wine in, oh, you know ... the shape of a bottle.