Casa Vinironia Italian Red 4-Pack

by wootbot

The Name of the Rosso

If you can still pronounce it, you need another drink.

So we do this thing all the time where we just riff on the name of that day's wine. We're not particularly proud of it. But coming up with substantial witticisms about a new wine's actual flavor profile every single day for seven-plus years now... it changes you. You do things you never thought you would stoop to. Never thought you could stoop to.

Then you get a wine with a truly spectacular name like Casa Vinironia Appassimento Edizione Oro Vino Rosso. But you've been making dumb jokes about wine names so long, who cares? It's all been done. It's all been said. What can you do? First you mention its full-bodied, well-balanced flavors of plum and raisin. Then you wonder where your life went wrong.