Caravel Wines Reserve Zinfandel (4)

by wootbot

Love You 'Til Tuesday

He's the kind of guy who loves the finer things in life. But you're the kind of lady who wants to order pizza and watch TV. What can bring you together? The right wine!

He loves opera. You love rocking out with your band. It's a story as old as at least 1985. Sure, you can have some kind of breakdown in the middle of your date and start singing so everyone around you turns and stares- but wouldn't it be nicer to just sort out your differences at home, over a nice bottle of wine? A bottle that meets BOTH your tastes?

What you're looking at here is four bottles suitable for any type of interest, be it sleeveless undershirts and tuxedos or rat tails and long coats. The lovely ruby hues carry an air of sophistication, but the complex balanced flavors offer scents of vanilla, spice and cola, with tastes of blackberry and strawberry marmalade ideal for spicy, salty, pepperoni-covered pizza. You know, the kind you'd enjoy at your band practice! And yet, this same wine will pair perfectly with a zesty tomato sauce at the upscale Italian place where you make reservations a year in advance.

It's not often you find a wine that can be at home both uptown and downtown. Truly, when drinking this 2008 Caravel Zinfandel Reserve, you'll wish you could make time stand still. And don't forget it's a four pack, so you can drink three now and still hold on to the one that says "Save me!"