Canihan Family Cellars Sonoma Syrah (2)

by wootbot

Rational Exuberance

It'll make you feel vivacious, zippy, eager, fertile, riotous, brash, cheerful, and passionate! And verbose.

When Canihan Family Cellars created a Syrah full of abandon, ardor, and buoyancy, they wondered what to name it. What word could capture the cheerfulness, eagerness, ebullience, and energy of its ripe cherry, berry, and cedar nose? How to convey, in a few short syllables, the excitement, exhilaration, and fervor of its ripe fig and black currant flavors?

Then it came to them: Exuberance.

It's a name redolent of all the friskiness, fulsomeness, lavishness, liveliness, luxuriance, pep, spirit, sprightliness, vigor, vitality, zap, zest, and zip you'll find inside the bottle. And inside our thesaurus.