Canihan Estate Pinot Noir (2)

by wootbot

Marketing Team Brainstorm Session #642

"Alright, Marketing Team. Here's the deal: It's now an undisputed fact that a certain rainbow-flavored fruit candy makes you play professional football unbelievably well."

"That's right, Marb. We'd like to capitalize on that concept for the Canihan Estate Pinot Noir. So it's time to brainstorm: What can this fine wine help our customers accomplish at an elite level? Go!"

"Blind butter tasting."

"Adjective selection!"

"Snake charming."

"Cockroach wrangling?"

"Seasoning stews!"

"Jumping on furniture and pretending the floor is made of lava!"

"Tying a scarf."

"Breaking down boxes."

"Professional football!"


"Okay, got some great ideas here. Say Marb, have we got a spokesperson lined up for this initiative?"

"Yeah, somebody from some wine website. We've only got their username right now. Looks like they're called 'North316.' A veritable expert on all things, it would seem."

"Ah, perfect. Nice job, Marketing Team! Let's hawk some grapes!"

[Applause and fist-bumps.]