Cameron Hughes Mixed Reds or Whites (6)

by wootbot

Color Clash

OK, let's settle this reds vs. whites thing once and for all.

It ends now. Today. Right here. We're settling the eternal struggle once and for all.

When you make your choice between the Cameron Hughes Mixed Red Bundle and the Cameron Hughes Mixed White Bundle, you're not just voting for gold-medal wines. You're also voting for which color wine will forever be known as the champion. Crisp citrussy whites or bold berrified reds: only one can win.

Why here? Why now? Why not? You're not likely to find so many superb examples of each type in one place anywhere else. So we thought it was the ideal time to finally put the whole question to bed.

What if you like both? You better buy one of each bundle, then. You do want your voice to be heard, don't you?

These wines, while enjoyable at any time during the year, are best sipped on in summer. Add them to your Seasonal Cellar alongside other wines that should be enjoyed at specific times, such as:

Winter Wines - Unlike the lighter, sweeter summer wines, winter wines are often dry, red, and go well with being cold and miserable.

Merlober October - A collection of 31 Zinfandels, one for each day. Not to be taken part in alone.

A Very Sherry Christmas - Nothing says “I wish I didn’t have to deal with my family” more than a big old bottle of fortified wine.

Chardonnay Day - A holiday in Chardonnay, France, where residents must consume nothing but Chardonnay for a full 24-hour period.

Port Year - Portugal declared 1966 to be “The Year of Port,” when everyone drank this dessert wine with dinner for the entire year. At the end of the year they were faced with the reality of how gross Port is, and decided to just export it from there on out.

Breakfast Gewürztraminer - A wine designed specifically for Germans (you drink it in the morning).