Calstar El Dorado County Zinfandel (4)

by wootbot

Get On With It

Patience is a virtue. But so is brevity, you long-winded Zin, you.

This is a nice wine and all. But holy moly, does it draw out its finish for, like, EVER. It's like, WE GET IT ALREADY. You're balanced. You have a bright acidity. Your tannins are fine-grained and silky. Just get in my belly!

OK fine. I'll humor you. But just for a little while. Tell me about your clear, deep crimson color with hints of violet. Go on about your complex aromas. Enthrall me with stories of your black plum, vanilla and licorice undertones. Just do it quickly. Momma's had a hard day and needs a drink.

Berry jam, huh? Impressive. Juicy pomegranate and cranberry too? You don't say. Black tea spice and cedar box. DO TELL. You know what? Scratch that. Don't tell. Just shut up and pour me a glass already. Jeez. Try coming up for air once in awhile why don't ya.