Caleo Negroamaro del Salento Red (4)

by wootbot

Drink Like a Caveman

You've seriously never heard of the Caleo diet? Everybody's doing it!

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about the Caleo diet, so we're here to clear them up. It's really quite simple. You consume nothing but grapes! That's right. All grapes all the time. If it's a grape that grows out of the ground or a grape you can run down and stab to death, then it's Caleo-approved.

And the best part of the Caleo diet? Wine! Wine is grapes, ergo, wine is Caleo! So drink up, my soon-to-be-svelte friends. If you're looking for some Caleo recipes, might I suggest a good Negroamaro like this one? It's intense ruby-red in color and rich and spicy with a harmonious bouquet. It's also well balanced on the palate with supple and round tannins. But most importantly, it's not a raisin.

Raisins are not Caleo because they have been processed and because they are an abomination. God knows when you're eating raisins. He's watching.