C.G. Di Arie Southern Exposure Zin (4)

by wootbot

Special Effects

Make CGI movies more believable with this CG wine!

More and more these days, movies use CGI. Seems like every movie now is using some sort of CGI. Sometimes it can look really cool, but other times it looks flat out fake...

UNLESS you uncork a bottle of this C.G. Di Arie Southern Exposure Zin. We don't know what it is, but after drinking a few glasses of both the 2005 and 2006 bottles of this Zinfandel, the movies we were watching suddenly felt more real.

With each swig of the dark berry flavors and long finish of spicy notes and cardamom, we felt like we were watching a documentary. What magic was doing this, we weren't quite sure, but it was like there was something more than just grapes in there, and that something created a sensation where we were more apt to believing what we were watching.

So next time, before complaining that a movie looks too fake and you couldn't get into it because it wasn't believable, try accompanying your viewing experience with some of this C.G. Di Arie Southern Exposure Zinfandel. It worked for us, at least.