Buono Rosso Napa Valley Red - 5 Pack

by Wootbot

We Really Love His Movies

Buono Rosso? Isn’t that the Japanese movie about the flying pig?

Oh, hang on, that’s our bad. Sorry! We’re just Studio Ghibli fans and sometimes, you know, your brain just free associates and… anyway, sorry, for real, that’s our bad.

Anyway this BUONO Rosso is named with the Italian words for “good red.” It’ll go well with savory pastas or grilled meats, the flavorful things that stimulate your tastebuds the way “Kiki’s Delivery Service” stimulates your eyes. Like, did you know that movie was set in a world where there was never any World War I? Imagine the kind of wine they’d have in that sort of world. Then imagine drinking it on a blimp. Already you’re probably charmed.

We’re just sorry we can’t offer such magic here. But we think you’ll find the Buono Rosso Napa Valley Red 5 Pack has its own kind of magic, and that you’ll enjoy it almost as much as you would, say, having a catbus take you to school.

Okay, fine, we agree, no wine could ever be as good as a catbus.

2006 Buono Rosso

  • Vineyard: St. Helena Estate
  • Blend Composition: 46% Sangiovese, 30% Zinfandel, 24% Merlot
  • Brix at Harvest: 25.3
  • Finished TA: 6.4 g/liter
  • Alcohol: 14.5 % by volume
  • Production: 1122 cases

Buono Rosso (“good red” in Italian) is modeled after the honest, wholesome country wines of Tuscany.  Made from grapes grown by Buono Rosso on their estate in Saint Helena, this bottling blends the spicy liveliness of Sangiovese (46%) with the ripe fruit of Zinfandel (30%) and suppleness of Merlot (24%).  Ready to drink now, Buono Rosso pairs well with savory pastas, grilled meats and other flavorful dishes.


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