Buena Vista Winery Carneros Syrah (4)

by wootbot

Can't Resist the Vista

Grab a glass, fill it up, and take in the view.

"Hey, I hear you're taking Mary out on another date."

Yeah, it's gonna be great.

"Really? Any plans yet?"

I'm thinking we begin with a romantic dinner downtown, then head to the boardwalk for dessert, and then, once the sun starts to set, we cap off the evening by grabbing a blanket, and taking in the view.

"Oh, you dog, cuddling on the beach with the ocean sunset in front of you. Works every time."

Who said anything about a beach?

"I thought by view, you meant ... y'know, since you're going to be at the boardwalk ..."

Yeah, for dessert, but for the view, I was planning on just taking her back to my place.

"Oh! THAT kind of view. Way to go, man!"

Ummmm, I think we're thinking of two different things. I just meant sitting on my porch and drinking some Buena Vista Winery 2007 Carneros Syrah.

"Hold on. What? How is that a view?"

Vista means 'view'! Geez, you need to brush up on your German. Anyway, the wine combines the aromas of bright blueberry and raspberry, nutmeg, dark roasted coffee and white pepper while exhibiting flavors of boysenberry and chocolate. I figure that's got to win her over.

"I still don't see how that's a view. Are you going to be staring at it?"

Ha! No, we'll be drinking it. You're a trip.