Brandini Toffee, Poppers and Toppers (4)

by wootbot

Bum Bum

Special Candy Unit. They get the job done. Even if they sometimes cross the line.

In the snack time justice system, over-produced factory candies are considered particularly heinous. The Brandini treats who avoid this state are considered elitely delicious. These are their stories.

"Hey, bartender. You got a minute?"

Ha ha, sure! Anything for you! Want something illegal done for free?

"Probably I should show you this badge first."

Whoa! Brandinis! I was just kiddin' before, you know.

"Yeah, we don't care about that. I'm Toffee, 1 lb."

Butter and Cane Sugar, huh?

"We're asking the questions here, punk."

"Meet my partner, 'Toppers' Stabler. He's also 1 lb. His nickname is 'The Little Golden Nuggets Of Joy.'"

I see why. Got some good almonds there, Tops.

"It's Detective Inspector to you, punk. Don't forget it."

"As you can see, my partner's a little headstrong. The longer he's here, the madder he gets. So just answer our questions and we're gone, okay?"

"Anybody care if I jump up and down on this cheesecake? I'm a topper, after all, it's my thing."


My antique cheesecake! Aw, no! Hurry up, hurry up, ask your questions.

"We're looking for a pair of 14oz Poppers. Runaways. Have you seen these two?"

Let me think a minute-

"Is that ice cream! Good thing I'm resealable, huh? That means I could do this all day!"


That's the boss's ice cream! Oh, he's gonna kill me! Okay, okay, just call him off, I'll tell you everything.

"I don't have that kinda power! You want my friend to stop, you better talk fast."

Fine, okay, here it is. That one, that's Chocolate Almond. Toffee popcorn, drizzled with some dark chocolate. Saw her dancing uptown.

"And this one?"

That's Cashew Almond. Cashew Almond Poppers. She's wild too, puts candy twice her weight to shame.

"She's 14oz, you creep! I oughta take you out back right now and-"

"Easy, partner, easy! Look, you said they're uptown, right?"

Yeah. Or they were when I saw them last. Great reviews, gently popped. That's all I know.

"If you're lying, we're coming back."

"Thanks for your help. And, uh, you better get to work! You gotta clean up all this mess before your boss gets back!"