Brack Mountain Enos Girasole (4)

by wootbot

What's In A Name?

We'll tell you now, Brack Mountain Enos Girasole is probably the most originally named wine we'll sell this year.

You might be saying "Wow! Brack Mountain Enos Girasole is such a crazy name!" But it's not, you see. Not really. It's a lovely and beautiful name. But it also holds mysterious secrets. Secrets that can only be revealed... through the power of anagrams.

For example, you might be startled to learn one anagram of Brack Mountain Enos Girasole is "Ba! An Auto Silkscreening Room!" Seems like nothing at first, but pay attention, because what would you expect to find in a silkscreening room? Why, hints of tobacco and anise, with the smell of dried flowers and cinnamon. And that's EXACTLY what's in this wine! Pretty impressive, right?

But there's more. Oh, there's much more. What about "Meteorologic Nuns: A Brain Ska"? That's an anagram that implies some kind of horn-heavy concept album from a band which might be popular with young people. And guess what? The 2008 Enos Girasole is spicy and refreshing just like the sound of ska! That can't just be a coincidence. It just CAN'T be!

Face it, from "Encountering Slim As Okra Boa" to "Recognise Aural Bank Motions" and back again, this Brack Mountain Enos Girasole doesn't just carry a wonderful taste. It carries a powerful and mysterious name. Can it tell you the future? ApsherP!

...well, okay. But anagrams are kinda hard. Probably best we leave it to the pros.