Bottle on Ice - Black, Blue & Green 3-Pack

by Wootbot

The Future Always Echos


As an ice bucket, the Bottle on Ice 3 Pack works well. It looks nice and it’s watertight, plus hey, easy to carry! And as a carry bag, the Bottle on Ice 3 Pack works just as well. But how hard is it to put wine in a bag? Just load it up. Really, if you need us to show you how to put wine in a bag, you’ve got some serious, serious problems to address in your own life.

Anyway, the Bottle on Ice 3 Pack goes right in the closet when you don’t need them, and look charming and stylish when you do. You’ve got three colors, and it’s so futuristic, isn’t it? It looks good and original and it’ll get lots of comments from friends and family. Plus if you put your face in it and talk, it’ll sound like THE FUTUREtureturetureture


Bottle On Ice

In the box: