Bodegas Pimenteiro - 3 Pack

by Wootbot

Ol’ Dirty Bastardo

In Portugal, this grape is called “Bastardo.” No kidding!

We’ve been told that some people might feel uncomfortable seeing the word “Bastardo” appear in this writeup, but we don’t believe that. How can a person be upset by a proper name? That’s right, “Bastardo” is the honest-to-goodness name of the rare red grape varietal in this three pack of 2008 Pimenteiro! And we didn’t name it “Bastardo,” did we? Why, probably none of us were even alive when “Bastardo” got the name “Bastardo”! To pin the naming of “Bastardo” on us would be completely unfair to both us and the “Bastardo” itself. We’ll say it freely, greater men then us chose “Bastardo” as the name for these grapes, and to stand in their way would be a hideous affront to everything the name “Bastardo” has come to mean throughout the ages.

And what does “Bastardo” mean? Well, a glass from this three pack of 2008 Pimenteiro will make it very clear. The “Bastardo” grapes carry a very special flavor, a kind only a handful of winemakers bother to produce. Could it be that people are afraid of dealing with the weight “Bastardo” carries? Could it be that Bodegas Paso Robles is one of the few wineries in the world brave enough to tame the “Bastardo” to their own ends?

The 2008 Pimenteiro carries a nose of white and black pepper, with a hint of blueberry. Once the “Bastardo” reaches your mouth and you’ll enjoy a plum, and cherry, and a long, spicy finish. A third of Tempranillo is mixed in to keep that “Bastardo” in check, and the blend allows you to enjoy the flavors just so. Pair it with anything that needs a bit of pepper, from mushroom soup to paella, and then be astonished how well it works with blue cheese and chocolate! That’s the secret to a “Bastardo” filled wine like this. It’ll find a niche you won’t always expect.

The “Bastardo” in this 2008 Pimenteiro three pack isn’t something to fear. It’s something to embrace. Don’t shy away like a fearful milquetoast middle management kitten. Grab the “Bastardo” with both hands and let your pulse race! When again might you be able to enjoy a “Bastardo” of this quality?

2008 Pimenteiro

The 2008 Pimenteiro, which means “pepper pot” in Portuguese, has a bouquet of white and black pepper with a hint of blueberry.  The long finish, full of plum and cherry, has a distinct flavor of white and black pepper.  This unusual wine is perfect for blue cheeses – perhaps the most difficult food to pair with wine!  Serve with any food that likes pepper: rib-eye steak, mushroom soup, grilled salmon, lamb, steak, cured paella, stews, and chocolate.


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