Bodegas Paso Robles Albariño

by wootbot

Enye Or No?

The English language could look a lot sultrier with a single addition, ño?

Don't you just love the "enye"? No, not the 90s new age pop sensation Enya, though yes she is delightful in her own right. "Enye" is how you pronounce this Spanish character: Ñ, and it's capable of making just about anything look exotic and mysterious.

Take this Bodegas Paso Robles Albariño wine. Without the ñ your eye would probably just skim over the title, but with it the imagination runs wild. What sensual ñotes of apricot and grapefruit does this wiñe coñtaiñ? With what ñosh would it pair well? Spicy bañaña peppers? Dungeoñous crab? The possibilities are iñfiñite.

It's eveñ capable of spiciñg up otherwise blañd-seeming food añd driñk. "Hola, señor, would you like a side of mayoññaise with that sañdwich?" See what I mean? That sounds like a sañdwich of questioñable moral fiber. How exhilaratiñg!