Bodega Iaccarini Cabernet Sauvignon (5)

by wootbot

An Enchanting Decanting Incantation

"And with these words shall a demon rise! Bodega Iaccarini Cabernet Sauvignon!"

You rang?

"It worked! It worked! I summoned you in a cloud of cedar, spice, and vanilla from the depths of the Stygian wastes beyond all that is-"

Look, I got things to do. What's it going to be?

"Uh, OK, uh, go forth and destroy my enemies!"

Not really my thing.

"All right, lemme see, uh, OK: bring the heart of my beloved under my irresistible sway."

Sorry, can't help you there either.

"So what can you do?"

Fill your palate with a balanced, intense flavor, pretty much. Oh, there might be some side effects, too: a sense of well-being, a loss of physical coordination, lowered inhibitions. Pretty standard stuff.

"Oh. Well, OK. I'll give that a try, I guess."

Cool. Enjoy. Hey, looks like I'm being summoned elsewhere. Party on or whatever.