Blue Rock Cabernet Sauvignon (2)

by wootbot

Blue Rock-Paper-Scissors

In order to throw a themed party, you need a wine that slightly resembles the party's theme.

Okay, I think I've got everything for the Rock-Paper-Scissors party. I've got Blue Rock Cabernet Sauvignon for drinks, paper decorations for the walls, and scissors to lay out all over the floor.

"See, I really don't think that's a good idea."

What? The Blue Rock Cabernet Sauvignon? I think people will like it. They'll smell the mint and aroma of black cherry, and they'll taste the soft and silky tannins, and honestly, I don't see how they won't enjoy it. Plus, it goes without saying that the name is perfect. Can you do better than a wine called Blue Rock for a Rock-Paper-Scissors party? Everyone'll be laughing and smiling and so thankful that we got them Blue Rock wine. 'Not a good idea'!? It's a great idea. It's a brilliant idea! It's one of my best ideas!

"I was talking about the scissors on the floor."

Oh. Hmm, really? Why's that?