Block 50 Case of Aussie Reds (12)

by wootbot

The Joy Of The Twist-Off

Twist-off wine really doesn't get enough credit.

As we sell this Block 50 Case of Aussie Reds, we think it's as good a time as ever time to remind ourselves why we love twist-off bottles.

Often considered the lesser sibling of wine bottles, twist-off bottles are too frequently cast aside and underappreciated, but when we crack open that seal, we're reminded of the fact that all we had to do was make a simple twist.

The elegance of the quick twist is simple. You don't need a fancy corkscrew. You don't need a fancy bottle stopper. You don't need to tell everyone to duck as you try to open up. You just grab hold, move your wrist, and like that, you've got wine.

So here's to the twist-off. Our love for you is true.