Black Zeppelin Petite Sirah

by Wootbot

Reading Material

Always unwind before curling up with a good book. The last thing you want is Reader’s Cramp.

It can happen to the best of us. One moment, you’re sitting on the couch with a blanket pulled up over your legs, ready to devour that book you’ve been dying to read. The next? You’re screaming for mercy in some random emergency room, begging the admitting nurse to hack off your hand with her clipboard. At least, it’s possible that could happen. Who knows? I’m not a doctor.

Page Flipper’s Wrist. E-Book Thumb. The dreaded Reader’s Cramp. Maybe you’ve read about them. Perhaps they’re all non-existent ailments I’ve just made up in order to sell you wine. Regardless, they sound pretty nasty, don’t they? I know I certainly wouldn’t want to tempt fate by not enjoying some 2009 Black Zeppelin Hames Valley Petite Sirah before or during a night of reading. A glass or two of blackberry and plum flavored prevention, made even more palatable with notes of pepper, spice, vanilla oak, and smoky cedar, could be just the thing to keep from getting Restless Ulna.

If, of course, Restless Ulna is a thing you can actually medically get. Who can say? Better question: Why take the risk?

2009 Black Zeppelin Hames Valley Petite Sirah 2-Pack

A favorite varietal of their flagship wine, six barrels of this Black Zeppelin were made from a vineyard of clone 3 Petite Sirah in the Hames Valley in southwestern Monterey County.  The Hames Valley is normally one of the warmest sub-appellations of Monterey; however the 2009 vintage was cooler, enabling the fruit to keep more of its blackberry and plum flavors.  They held back six barrels (some of them 30 gallons) for additional aging, and the finished wine shows dark fruit, pepper and spices, vanilla oak and smoky cedar flavors, and a long finish. 

Rules and restrictions:

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