Biggio Hamina Oregon Pinot Noir (3)

by wootbot

Bang, Zoom, To The Moon

The three-pack that'll make you say "Hamina, Hamina, Hamina."

You need to know exactly two things about Oregon's Willamette Valley:

  1. It's pronounced wuh-LAM-it, not WILL-uh-met.
  2. It produces world-class Pinot Noir.

After that it's all details. And the details don't get much more delicious than Biggio Hamina Pinot Noir. Here we have one bottle of the 2009 Deux Vert Vineyard (a wine with verve, vigor, vim, in dark fruit and spice form) and two of the 2011 dual-vineyard blend (with a little more floral and earth character), both fully illustrative of essential truth #2 about the Willamette Valley. And honestly, if you can only remember just one, that's the one that matters.