Big Bordeaux Wine Glass

by wootbot


No, you're not seeing things. Out of our desperate craving for dollars commitment to our customers, we're running an extra deal today. Who loves money you, baby?

Poor giant wine glass. Where does it fit in this world? Too small to be a punch bowl. Too large to be carried around casually without making you look like a clown with a drinking problem.

In Japan where miniatures are lauded for their adorability, the Big Bordeaux Wine Glass is shunned.

Even in the Bordeaux wine region of France from where the Big Bordeaux Wine Glass gets its name, it is widely considered uncouth if not indecent. And if FRANCE treats you like a stripper working the day shift, what chance do you have anywhere else in the world?

I suppose the Big Bordeaux Wine Glass could always go to Texas where bigger is always better. The only problem is, Texas isn't exactly known for its wine connoisseurship. Also, Texans don't put beans in their chili, and that's just weird.