Bell Wine Big Guy Red/White Combo (4)

by wootbot

Wine's Best Friend

Wines worthy of being named after the winemaker's dog. Can there be any higher praise?

Winemakers name their wines after all kinds of things. Family members, favorite songs, a notable rock on their property. But very few wines merit the ultimate honor: being named after the winemaker's best friend.

In 1999, Bell Wine's Big Guy series took its name from Anthony Bell's beloved dog, whose shaggy mug stares cheerfully out from the label. Like a couple of good old family mutts, this Red and this White both blend noble bloodlines into something honest, dependable, keenly intelligent, and eager to please.

The Bells' dog is no longer with them. Big Guy doesn't shuffle into the winery office and flop down into a patch of sunshine anymore. But giving his name to these Bell Big Guy wines honors both the wines and the good friend who inspired them. And that's not just a shaggy-dog story.