Beehive Cheese Barely Buzzed & Sea Hive

by wootbot

You can run, but you can't hive!

"You can't milk a bee," Grandma used to say. We thought it was just a folksy expression. Turns out she meant it literally.

Rest assured that these Beehive Cheese Co. cheeses are made with milk from flightless, four-limbed Jersey cows, with real live udders and everything. They graze on lush alfalfa sprung from nutrient-rich soil near the Great Salt Lake. And you can taste the Utah in every bite.

But mostly you can taste the cheese. The Old-World, artisan, handmade cheese. And, in the case of Barely Buzzed, the espresso and lavender that’s been rubbed on the rind. It adds a butterscotch-caramel character that supplements the cheese’s full-bodied, nutty flavor. For best results, administer this smooth cheese alongside a medium-bodied red wine. You’ll understand why it took first place in the Flavored Cheddar category at the 2008 American Cheese Society Annual Cheese Competition.

The Great Salt Lake also plays a role in the great salt flavor of SeaHive. An ancient sea bed near Redmond, Utah provides the salt, flecked with colorful traces of more than 50 minerals. Combine that with local honey from wildflower-pollinating bees and you’ve got a versatile, alluring cheese that could only have come from the Beehive State.

So on your next drive through Utah, don’t expect to see bees hooked up to little milking machines. But do expect the unexpectedly Utahan flair of Beehive Cheese Co.