Beehive Cheese 2-Pack with Crackers

by wootbot


If all this time you thought bees were making pollen, you were wrong: they're making cheese.

We think cow cheese, goat cheese, and sheep cheese all get way too much credit. What about bee cheese?

Just because we might not automatically associate bees with cheese doesn't mean they, too, aren't experts at the craft. Isn't it quite possible that this Beehive cheese is made from the artisan legs and steady wingtips of worker bees?

Why are we so quick to assume that this Ipanema and Promontory can't be made by the tiny buzzing yellow and black blurs? Is it something we read? Something we saw on TV?

We say embrace the bee! Recognize the Promontory for its buttery, full-bodied texture and the enjoy the Crio Bru cocoa beans in the Ipanema.

Oh, what's that? This cheese is made from cows? Well, nevermind then. Enjoy you're consistently tasty cow cheese.