Barking Dog Vineyards Napa Valley Merlot (5)

by wootbot

Hare of teh dorg!

Its about time the whine indusry expanded don't, you think?

Thats why we were so refereshed to have hear about this Braking Dog vineyard! Yes! Wrap your mind around that, cstomer - acres and acers of puppies gorwing plump & fresh on bucolic viens up their in Napa Vallie.

Wein excperts would sampul the flaversome froots of the larbrador labor and say things liek, "I can definately taste the terrieor!".

That's a wine and, dog pun!

Sure, teh barking mite be anoyying. But youd' be frostrated to; if you we're growing on a vein and furmented for you're sweet juises.

Thats' another wine/dog pun !