Barber Cellars Sonoma Mtn Pinot Gris (6)

by wootbot

Let it gris.

Pinot Gris was a favorite of Holy Roman Emperor Charles the IV, so you're obviously a lot like him. Check out what else you have in common:

  • Charles IV was the king of Bohemia from August 26th, 1346 to November 29th, 1378. You were the Student Body Treasurer from Sept. 19th, 1980 to March 3rd, 1981.
  • Charles IV was the victim of an estate contract conspiracy plot devised by Casimir III, Otto V, and Louis I. Your children once conspired to sneak into the kitchen while you were asleep.
  • Charles IV brought peace-keeping policies to his states of the empire. You brought potato salad to your family reunion.
  • Charles IV was responsible for the creation and expansion of "New Bohemia" by leveraging his magisterial might. You were responsible for the performance of "Bohemian Rhapsody" at a Milwaukee karaoke bar by leveraging Bud Light.
  • Charles IV won his throne in 1349. You won KerPlunk in 1989.
  • Charles IV was married four times. You came fourth in your office's Fantasy Football league.
  • Charles IV's nephew was Charles V, who grew up to become the King of France. You took your nephew to the zoo, where he promptly took off his pants.