Ballard Lane White Blend (12)

by wootbot

Heading Down Ballard Lane

When you're taking a trip down memory lane, make sure to accompany your trip with Ballard Lane.

Remembering your past isn't easy. We're not saying your past was bad, and we're not saying it was good, but either way, remembering it can be difficult. That's why we've got this Ballard Lane White Blend -- assisting you with all of your nostalgic journeys.

This way, when you're remembering how amazing everything used to be and then you realize how much worse it is now -- just stop! Stop, and instead take a sip of this off-dry blend of Pinot Grigio, White Riesling, and Chardonnay. Let the crisp finish take over your thoughts, and then you'll remember that in those "good old days" you were too young to appreciate wine, and then you'll laugh at your old self.

But maybe it was the other way around. Maybe thinking back to your past is just disappointing. Filled with disappointment and regret and ... stop thinking about that! Instead enjoy the floral and mineral notes of this 2012 San Francisco International Wine Competition Gold Medal winner and realize what really matters is what's happening now, and what's happening now is that you're drinking this wine.

And if you're lucky enough to have had a wonderful past and everything is currently wonderful then this wine will also taste wonderful because it is wonderful, and even if it wasn't (even though it is) that wouldn't matter because, again, for you everything is wonderful, and look at you, LA-DI-DA.